Clean Bench (Vertical Flow)


ITEM/MODEL:                                                       BSW-500V

Cleanliness Class:                                                  100@>=0.5 u m (US FED 209E).

Air Speed:                                                               (m/s) 0.3-0.6 (Adjustable).

Noise:                                                                       <= 62 dB (A).

Vibration Half Peak:                                             <=5 u m.

Illumination (LUX):                                              >= 300 LX.

Power Supply:                                                        AC 220V/50Hz.

Max. Consumption:                                              200.

Weight (kg):                                                           30.

Internal Dimension:                                            W1: 495 D1: 495 H1: 400

Outline Dimension:                                              W1: 570 D1: 570 H1: 870

Size & No. of HEPA:                                            484 X 484 X1

Size & No. of Fluorescent/Ultraviolet Lamp : 15 W X 1/15W X 1

Product Description

General Description:
This is a new type small clean bench with vertical flow. This equipment is designed to be placed on the laboratory or working table.

Product Feature:
Compact structure, small figure and size, fit for placing to use on bench. Make use of adjustable fan unit system, adjust voltage by fan unit voltage, keep the air speed of working area always in perfect status. Material of working area surface is stainless steel both sides are colorless and organic glass, the whole working area is wide and bright.


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