Clean Bench


ITEM / MODEL                                                     BSV 880 Clean Bench.

Cleanliness Class                                                 100@>=0.5um (US FED 209E)

Noise                                                                      <=65 dB (A weighting).

Internal Dimension (mm):                                 880(W) X 650(D) X (520-950)(H).

Outline Dimension (mm):                                  1040(W) X 700(D) X (1310-1740)(H).

Size & No. of HEPA:                                            820 x 610 x 1

Continuous Using Time After Per Charge        >=6/h.

Power Supply:                                                       DC 24V.

Charge Current:                                                    2A.

Charge Time:                                                          8/h

Product Description

General Description:
Clean laminar flow vehicle are a kind of supplying no and no germ partial environment cleaning equipment. Clean laminar flow vehicle is used for medicine, scientific laboratory needing movable process. Clean laminar flow vehicle is consist of upper intake, storing are on the bottom and DC power supply. Whole vehicle is made of stainless steel plate with universal castor, small low noise squirrel cage blower. The device is structuring simple, the move is agile, beautiful appearance.
Applied in transportation of materials between two rooms for clean workshop.
Power supply: Storage Battery


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