Liaqat Jawaid

Chairman Morgan Group

I have come a long way as the Chairman of Morgan Chemicals. I aspire to dedicate my time to still grow myself & the company into infinite potential. Thus, announcing that we are going global! For all business inquiries, you can email me

Personal Experience

I have almost near 40 years experience in my field and earned respect in National and International markets.
My key abilities are to built good processes and systems and a highly motivated capable team, strong discipline of execution, believes in unconventional thinking and has a reputation as a dynamic and result-oriented leader. I am a people person and is known for relentlessly building strong and diverse teams,and providing a dynamic and vibrant leadership for my people.
I belongs to a business family, educated and grew up in Karachi,My elders were involved in Pharmaceuticals business for more than a century.
• Also chose the field of Pharmaceuticals and started his own business in 1973.
• laid the foundation of Morgan group in 1979 by the company named Morgan Chemicals. My focus was on Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Pharmaceutical Production Equipments,I chose service sector rather than trading.

•Morgan Chemicals business grew fast and by year 1995 Morgan was a recognized name in Pharmaceuticals Industry
•During this period business activities expended to Agriculture and Household Chemicals also.
•Today Morgan Chemicals is doing respectable business in following sectors/products.
1. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
2. Pharmaceutical Expedients
3. Industrial Fine Chemicals
4. Household Chemicals
5. Packaging Materials
6. Finished Medicines
7. Innovative services to Pharmaceuticals Industry

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